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Frequently Asked Questions
So are you new to the Chapter or just not sure what some of the "jargon" is that you have been hearing.  Maybe you just have some questions and need the answers.  We have put together this list of commonly asked questions.  If you have a particular question that you don't see below, just email us and ask!  

What is a Poker Run?
A poker run normally serves as a fundraiser for a Chapter, District, or Region, as there is usually a small registration fee to participate.  There are many formats but these basically are conducted as follows:  You sign in and receive a set of directions for a scenic ride.  For a "poker run" you may be required to stop a certain checkpoints and draw a card.  As in poker, the best hand wins normally some pre-ammounced percentage of the proceeds, or a plaque, trophy, or fixed cash prize.  

What is a Ride?
As the name implies, an All Day or Weekend Ride is generally a scenic trip that is planned well in advance and includes several meals and normally quite a few miles.  There are also shorter rides such as to a dining spot or sometimes merely a quick gathering for dessert. 

What is an Ice Cream Ride?
For Chapter C, we have Ice Cream Rides every other Tuesday from May through September.  We usually depart our South and North (alternating locations - see Home Page for locations) at 6:30pm.  We take a ride to an ice cream destination, usually within 30-45 minutes to the location. We try to communicate in advance where we will be going but weather may change that if needed.

What is a Chapter Gathering?
Chapter C has monthly gatherings on the 2nd Sunday of the month at IHop on Warwick Blvd.   We eat around 4pm and then start the meeting at 5pm.  It is an opportunity for everyone to get together to talk about the rides they have been on and share their experience as well as talk about upcoming rides and events.  The meetings usually last around 1 hour.  

What is Fall Sprawl?
Fall Sprawl is also one of Chapter C's events for the year.  It is a nice, fun, laid back event that can be either one day (Saturday) or Friday night, Saturday and into Sunday.  The event is located in White Stone Virginia.  It is on private property.  Most people bring their own tent, camper or RV.  There are a few hotels within 5 minutes of the location.  The event is officially on Saturday but many people come on Friday night and sit back and enjoy the fireplace and friendship.  We have lots of games and activities for Saturday, a BIG steak dinner for lunch.  Many people stay over on Saturday night.  More fun.  If you decide to stay until Sunday, we usually have a big breakfast as well.  

What are Chapter Shirts and how do I get them?
Chapter shirts are just one way to show your chapter spirit!  When you go to events, it is fun for everyone from the Chapter to wear the same shirts.  Chapter C has the Royal "Sea" Blue color.  Contact Daniel Pitts and he will be more than happy to answer your questions or help you order your own shirts.

How can I help or volunteer in Chapter C?
Are you new to the Chapter or just want to get more involved?  Well, we would LOVE to have you!  We always need and want help with our activities.  Just see one of the Staff Members and let them know you would like to help.